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Prepare Your House

How to prepare your house for photography

The better your house is prepped before my arrival, the better the photos will be. Think like a buyer, your house should look clean, stylish and generic. Here are a few ideas Interior:  Get all the clutter, stacks of paper, remote controls, extraneous furniture, excess family photos, pet stuff and toys out of sight. Hide it in the closet, in a cabinet or in the garage.  Bring some color and freshness to your home by staging a few nice flower arrangements on the dining room table, in a corner of the living room, and in a bedroom or large bathroom. A bowl of apples or lemons or oranges in the kitchen always looks nice. If you have childproof latches on cupboards and drawers, remove them for the photos. Make your beds look like you see in magazines. The pillows should be big and fluffy and the bed spread has to be perfect. When I arrive, we need to turn on every light in the house. If any lights are burned out, replace them with new bulbs. Open all curtains and blinds and turn off the ceiling fans. In the bathrooms, hide all your personal bath and shower items; toothbrush, razor, soap, shampoo and trashcans. Put on a new roll of toilet paper. Neatly hang a few decorative towels and hand towels. Put a nice looking candle or small plant next to the sink or bathtub. Again, hide as much clutter as possible. Less is more. Exterior:  The view of the front of your house is very important. Your goal is to make the front of the house appealing enough that buyers will want to see more. Pull weeds, trim overgrown shrubs and low-hanging tree branches. Rake and/or mow the lawn. Put away garden hoses. Hide the garbage cans, yard tools, dead plants, empty pots and any other yard clutter. Remove the pool cleaner from the pool. Move all vehicles out of the driveway, and preferably not directly in front of your house. Clean up the front porch and stairs. Sweep the decks and patios. Wipe off the outdoor furniture and put the cushions on. Creating great photos takes experience, it's a lot of work, and it's time-consuming. I am able to move and adjust things here and there, but I am there to take photos, not prep the house for the photos. So please, please, pretty please....... You don’t have to do everything on the list, but if you do the things suggested on this list, you are going to get much better images and many more potential buyers.